Meet our Team


Founder, Master Energy Healer, Yoga & Meditation Coach

Indravadan, popularly known as Indy, is a globally acclaimed master energy healer and yoga coach. He offers private sessions, seminars and coaching workshops to teach others how to balance, restore and maintain body, mind and spirit by successfully using the wisdom of yoga and natural healing arts.​

For 18 + years, Indy has trained with masters and teachers around the world. Enthused by the magical power of “yoga sutra” (propagated by sage Patanjali) and influenced by spiritual lineage around the world along with the theory of Prana (Vital Life Force), he felt an urge to delve deep into these branches to make a perfect blend of spiritual healing arts for current days and age.

His advanced study, research work, practice, and deeper understanding of yoga and energy healing have helped him to become a premier guide of these methods. Since 2012, he has been offering the outcome of the union of these two, to the various areas around North Atlanta and beyond. Blessings from his masters, teachers, family and beloved clients have helped him to stand out as leading Reiki Teacher, Advanced Pranic healer, Pranic Psychotherapist, Crystal healer, Kriyashakti, Pranic self defense, Fang Sui, Sujok therapist, and unique yoga life coach.

Indy’s approach of partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative way benefits them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Each session with him can accelerate the rate of achieving success in life. His creative methods of dealing with emotional and psychological issues provide faster results as overall well being. With remarkably valuable techniques and devoted companionship, his services are highly recommended as effective complementary therapy to medical science.


Ayurvedic Wellness Product Specialist

Casey is here to help you empower yourself with the wisdom of Ayurveda (Traditional Indian Medicine, the most ancient and successful system of medicine in the world) combined with the magic of our Prana Shakti products. Our Prana Shakti product line offers a wide variety of herbs, spices, essential oils, crystals, incense, and many other Ayurvedic tools that can truly transform your body, mind, and soul. He also offer Custom Botanical Creations, a fun and easy way for you to make your own safe, all natural, therapeutic, and invigorating products.

He has many passions, some of which include herbalism, Ayurveda, aromatherapy, horticulture/permaculture, spirituality, and philosophy.

Casey is currently studying Ayurveda under the famous and widely revered Ayurvedic doctor, Vedic Acharya, and pioneering scholar David Frawley. He has degrees in Horticultural Science and Business Management, a certification in Sustainable Agriculture, and a certification in progress for Ayurvedic Wellness/Lifestyle Consultation.