Custom Botanical Creations

With all the harmful chemicals found in products these days, wouldn’t you like to know that the products you use are safe, all natural, therapeutic, and invigorating? Making your own products is fun and empowering. Now you can choose from the PranaShakti product line’s wide variety of oils, herbs, and spices to create your own products.

Some of the many options available include:

*        Therapeutic Oil Blend *        Candle
*        Soap *        Shampoo
*        Toothpaste *        Perfume/Cologne
*        Deodorant *        Body Scrub
*        Body Butter *        Lotion
*        Facial Cleanser *        Makeup Remover Oil
*        Beard Oil *        Hair Spray
*        Lip Balm *        Bath Salts
*        Air Freshener *        Household Cleaning Product
*        Laundry Detergent *        Dishwashing Soap
*        Bug Spray *        Sunscreen