At Prana Harmony, Unite and make union with your self with authentic yoga classes and coaching that can greatly help to improve your physical, mental, & spiritual health. Our classes teach much more than just stretching. You will learn to evolve yourself through the EIGHT LIMBS OF YOGA, which include YAMA (Self Integrity), NIYAMA (Self Discipline), PRANAYAMA (Art of Breathing), ASANA (Postures), PRATYAHARA (Control of Senses), DHARANA (Focus & Concentration), DHYANA (Meditation), and SAMADHI (Supreme Awareness).

Body-Mind-Spirit Connection

You are Born to create, manifest, and materialize your master plan. Remember, Life Exists in Present. Your past made you who you are today and your future is your imagination.  Join us to establish your body-mind connection. Discover your higher Nature and Purpose through conscious living practices. Return to your natural state of Life.

Allow yourself to let go and Be receptive. The teachers at PranaHarmony will educate you about how to make a union with your inner nature and your reality. Yoga is more than physical asanas. Yoga is a lifestyle of discipline and devotion to find your true nature and live to evolve for the higher nature. The Eight limbs of yoga serve as guidance for living with Awareness.


We call it Elementary Yoga. We are made out of elements of the earth, water, fire, air, and sky. So we make union with our physical nature with a  series of simple stretches and postures known as “asanas” will help and restore your self to its original state of nature. Yes, You can achieve this the utilization of prana with discipline and devotion to truly love your self.  Routine practice strengthens our body so that it is capable of balancing the circulatory, digestive, reproductive, immune, muscular, nervous and respiratory system functions.


The “Kingdom of thy Self” session covers our Inner make up of our senses, emotions, and powers we use to manifest and create what is our mind is reflecting as thoughts. We practice the art of breathing to focus in a way that will expand our mental faculties. This 60 min session is intended to improve physical control of the senses. Restore and balance your intuitive, instinctive, intellectual, and spiritual bodies. Routine practices of “Kingdom of thy Self” conserve our energy flow and effortlessly transform our negative emotions into positive ones.


After mastering the one yoga postures and regular practices of Pranayama living you are mastering higher consciousness and ready for “Jnana Yoga.” Through the series of meditation practices, We can let our high nature take charge of our life which is not driven our guided by the mind.  We practice to quiet the mind and use it as a mirror to reflect your higher self.